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Why do you have the Borrower(s) initial every page in the packet that does not require a signature on it?

     Have you ever had a Title Company call you and say that you missed a document.  If
     every page in the package is initialed you know that every page was processed and
     that the only conclusion is that the Title Company did not send it with the original set
     of docs. 

What do you do if you have a "married" couple but only one spouse is signing the documents?

     You need to make sure that the "non-borrowing" spouse signs all pertinent documents
     such as: the mortgage, riders, TIL, 4506 etc.  ALWAYS check with your state to make
     sure which documents are pertinent for non-borrowing spouses.

Can I perform a marriage ceremony?

     The following States are the ONLY States currently that allow notaries to perform
     marriage ceremonies:

     Florida, Maine, South Carolina, and Nevada

Can you decline a notarization if you observe the signer being coerced?

     Yes, document the incident and make sure that your refusal does not cause you or the
     signer any violent repercussions.

A signer presents you an "expired" drivers license as their form of ID.  Can you use that as a valid form of ID?

     If the date is within 5 years of the expiration date, then yes.  However, ask if they have
     another current form of an approved ID.